Monday, September 29, 2008

Servant Leaders?

This past summer we attend camp and had a number of students who acted as Student Leaders for our group. It was very beneficial to the other both the students who where the leaders as it was for other students. Gaylin and i have discussed for the last year different ways that students are need to serve in the children's area and other areas. So with this in mind we will be starting a Servant Leaders Program. This is not rocket science or a new idea, it is something that has been very effective in other student ministries and I feel that now is a great time to put this in place. Here is how it will work.

Student will apply for the position of Servant Leader. Both their parents and a Sunday School teacher will have to sign the form acknowledging the expectations for the student. This is not a difficult application process however the expectations of each servant leader are very high. During Student ministry events servant leaders will be our go to people for anything that comes up. This includes Sunday School, Wednesday Nights, and yearly events. They will be required to attend a monthly meeting at 8:45 on Sunday mornings. (I know that this is painfully early, however I want to know that the people that show up are the one's who are serious about this). There is no age limitation as far as middle school students being active in the program however age will factor in when it comes to various responsibilities.

Outside of the student ministry, servant leaders will help with the children, special needs, and any other areas they are needed. This does not include "Jobs adults won't do," often I will get a request for some students to do odd jobs that basically are grunt work, such as hand out items as people leave the service on sunday mornings. I will not look to our servant leaders specifically for these type of jobs.

Also I will include our servant leaders in none confidential Youth Worker emails and possibly some youth worker meetings, but we will see.

Our first SL meeting is this Sunday at 8:45 a.m.




gk said...

Why didn't you do this when my class was still there? Geeze.

Paige Elizabeth said...


Kidding, and miss you :)

gk said...


I'll even do it for you, if you want. Your stuff only goes to like October, and it's FEBRUARY.

It's been five months, my friend. This is a problem.