Monday, September 29, 2008

Servant Leaders?

This past summer we attend camp and had a number of students who acted as Student Leaders for our group. It was very beneficial to the other both the students who where the leaders as it was for other students. Gaylin and i have discussed for the last year different ways that students are need to serve in the children's area and other areas. So with this in mind we will be starting a Servant Leaders Program. This is not rocket science or a new idea, it is something that has been very effective in other student ministries and I feel that now is a great time to put this in place. Here is how it will work.

Student will apply for the position of Servant Leader. Both their parents and a Sunday School teacher will have to sign the form acknowledging the expectations for the student. This is not a difficult application process however the expectations of each servant leader are very high. During Student ministry events servant leaders will be our go to people for anything that comes up. This includes Sunday School, Wednesday Nights, and yearly events. They will be required to attend a monthly meeting at 8:45 on Sunday mornings. (I know that this is painfully early, however I want to know that the people that show up are the one's who are serious about this). There is no age limitation as far as middle school students being active in the program however age will factor in when it comes to various responsibilities.

Outside of the student ministry, servant leaders will help with the children, special needs, and any other areas they are needed. This does not include "Jobs adults won't do," often I will get a request for some students to do odd jobs that basically are grunt work, such as hand out items as people leave the service on sunday mornings. I will not look to our servant leaders specifically for these type of jobs.

Also I will include our servant leaders in none confidential Youth Worker emails and possibly some youth worker meetings, but we will see.

Our first SL meeting is this Sunday at 8:45 a.m.



Monday, August 25, 2008


As many of you know I am not a morning person. When I say "not a morning person," I do not mean that I am unpleasant for a few minutes after I get out of bed. I am unpleasant until I have had lunch. With this in mind...

This Sunday I was in my normal fog and trying to be as social as possible, which is always a challenge for myself. During Sunday school I was able to drop in on a few classes. I was very refreshing and encouraging to listen in on the classes I got to see. Our rising 7th Grade students, a.k.a. the Disciples of Kathy, are more than ready for the challenges that are about to face them. Our 8th graders all left class with a smile and even Nick Terry seemed to be filled with joy going of of 3 hours of sleep. Our 9th grade class was incredible social and talkative even with "Cory the Hottie" in the room. Our senior class was so deep in conversation that they didn't dismiss until around 12:25 pm. Johnny Davis has jumped back in to help out in the 10th grade class, and our Juniors are continuing their quest for world domination in the name of Jesus.

As I love to see Sunday School has emerged again as the biggest part of the week for our student ministry. Loving adults investing in the lives students...(to quote Steven Battle's new word for awesome things)...That's Butter!

Friday, August 22, 2008

YoWoMe Follow-up

schee! (whatever sound a walkie talkie makes)

Per the youth worker meeting - I ordered about 10 different precept studies that we will have on hand for different classes to use. I have two of each book for teachers to share.

Football season is upon us. You can check the davidson county schools website for fall sports schedules.

This Monday is the first day of school for davidson county schools. I will have rolls Sunday for you to take home, complete with phone numbers and contact info.

Things you might of missed from the 3rd part of our Sunday school teacher session. Michael spoke, Matt had the following self revelation:

"Perhaps the reason youth worker meetings are so random is because pretty much all of us as youth workers understand that loving students is our first priority and therefore it when you try to motivate already motivated people you get random moments of sanity followed by humor."

schee! (whatever sound a walkie talkie makes)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Next Few Weeks Schedule

Sunday July, 27th: The Beavers
This will be the same way we have done the last few Wednesdays. With large group followed by 30 minutes of small group. Casey will be there to be the go to guy for any major issues.

Wednesday July, 30th: Bob James
Thad will be leading worship and Nick Terry will be the go to guy with any major issues or problems.

Sunday August 3rd: Emily Bowers
Casey, Scot, and I both won't be there; so Luke Beaver is the go to guy for any major issues that come up. Romania Team returns later that night.

For these 3 meeting times if you can be there it would be very helpful. I know everything will go fine, and I will be updating the blog on how the trip is going to anyone that is interested.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Looking Around

I look around the church and am completely humbled by what our students are doing over the next few weeks. In my office there is a stack of luggage that is continuing to pile up in my office as 9 of our seniors prepare to spend a week in Romania hosting a camp for children. Against a wall in the 10th grade sunday school room there are stacks of food, games, and crafts ready for the children at Piedmont Park (a low income housing complex that we visited at camp this year). All these item were paid for by our 10th grade students, who will be going Thursday to spend a day loving children at Piedmont Park. On the table in the work room there is a sheet ready for students to sign-up to serve during SWTA. As I talk with Gaylin she tells me story after story about the growth and depth of the rising 7th grade class from their experience at children's camp this year.

Amazing youth workers and amazing students are a very powerful combination.


Monday, July 7, 2008

August 17th: YoWoMe

On August 17th, following Sunday School we will have lunch at church, followed by a youth worker meeting and then a short commissioning service with Michael Bowers that will include the children's workers and adult Sunday School teachers. As of right now this is what I have down for promotion Sunday moves:

12th Grade: Hearns
11th Grade: Beavers, Emily B. & Marty
10th Grade: Edwards & Linda
9th Grade: Manns & Rollins
8th Grade: Terrys & Brittany
7th Grade: Kathy H. & Paul Housand

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So How Was Camp?

I get this question a lot so I thought I would some up in a short statement how the week was. As always our students where wonderful. If I had to pick the area that most impressed me it would be our rising juniors and seniors. I called on these students to be the leaders for the week. After graduation Sunday I couldn't help but wonder who was going to step into the leadership void that is created at this time of year. At camp I got to watch our older students as selfish attitudes turned into selfless attitudes. I enjoyed seeing them go from teenager into adult right before my eyes. In the past I have had lots of questions about shy we go to camp each year. Last week really gave me a glimpse of the great opportunities that camp offers for our students to truly focus on God. For your calendars next year I am going to go ahead and get us spots for this same camp next year.